Wednesday, July 4, 2012


  Our wheel chair training is a 2 day event. LDS Charities (us) work together with NGOs (non-government organizations) or LGUs (local government units) (collectively called partners) to sponsor an event. They set the date and venue and we do the training. Participants are invited to take the training, and if they pass the course, they become Certified Wheel Chair Technicians.
  In the training we teach proper assessment of individuals that may need a wheel chair. I was surprised that it took 2 days to teach the material, but after going through 2 training sessions I see the reason for it. They are presented a certificate and a certification number that they use whenever submitting for a wheel chair for a client.

  We had a large group for training from the surrounding area. Many of the participants had disabilities. Although it is now under control, there is a large segment of the people we work with that have had Polio. Also, Thalidomide birth defects are very common.
  In this group we also had club feet, amputees and spinal cord injuries.
 This group consisted of 20 participants mostly sponsored by an LGO.

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