Saturday, July 28, 2012


  We have been working on this program for a month. We were introduced to Roger Gutierrez four weeks ago and instantly became friends. GMA Kapuso is the foundation arm of the GMA Worldwide Network. Roger is the projects manager and has asked us to partner with them to work on common projects we both are involved in. They are involved in catastrophic projects, health issues, vision and other similar projects. July is disabilities month in the Philippines and GMA Channel 7 wanted to partner together to do a program on the LDS Charities involvement in providing wheelchairs. They provided the venue and the disabled to be assessed for a wheelchair. They did a pre-screening to make sure that those that applied for a wheelchair where physically and financially eligible. I have already communicated with Roger on the possibility of learning about those screening techniques.

  Rose (a GMA Kapuso employee) opened the meeting and then turned it over to us. Ely then introduced LDS Charities to the crowd of about 60. Ely is a Welfare Services employee that heads up disaster related projects on the church side. He works with Stake and District Presidents and Bishops and Branch Presidents. Being Filipino he conveys the knowledge that the LDS Church is also their church. As always his presentation is spot on. The time is then turned over to me to give a presentation on the wheelchair program and the use and maintenance of the wheelchairs.
   It is now time to start the assessments. Colonel Monzano (1st photo) has graciously volunteered the Marines to help us do assessments and also to transport the wheelchairs we will need to give to those disabled that have come.
  GMA 7 TV is recording the event to edit for an upcoming segment on the news about disability.
These are the opportunities that help the name of LDS Charities be recognized.

   We did not have as big a number of recipients that we could have, but it was a quality program.
  The third picture shows a young man that came in his home made "wheeled chair". You can see casters on the bottom of his chair made for him by his brother. We fit him with a proper wheelchair, but it will take a little time for it to fit him properly. Because he sits like this all the time, his legs will have to be stretched a little at a time until his legs fit it properly. It is painful to try to move them straight very fast.
  The fourth picture is of Sister Conception. She came to get a new wheelchair because her current wheelchair is too tight. We connected instastly and spent some time together during the program.
We were able to get her a new chair that will help her in her work at the school she teaches at.
   The fifth picture is Jean Rose. A young lady that has no use of her legs and doesn't have the ability to speak. However she radiates kindness in her smile. Her mother is so grateful for the help she has received.
   The last picture is Jerry's friend. (Wow, I can't remember his name) He has two very short legs. His left leg is short but fairly straight, but his right leg turns out 90 degrees at the knee. His hips are deformed and arthritis is setting in badly in the lower joints. He is doing push ups in the photo to show how strong his upper body is. He actually walked into the event, but it is getting very painful to move his lower body. Receiving a wheelchair will truly make his life less painful.
   We are so blessed in our calling to literally see miracles every day. I can see the love that is shown to these people by our Heavenly Father. This nation as a whole has a strong belief in Christ.

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