Monday, July 2, 2012


  Well, we are really behind. We have been without Internet a lot and I have been slacking.  So it's catch-up time.
  Let's get back to the MTC. (May 28th thru June 8th). We had a wonderful experience there and met some great missionaries. They also feed you a ton of food. I won't see that much food again until our family gets together.
  I was asked (called from the group) to be the District Leader. We had a marvelous group. Our Teachers were Brother Hawkes in the morning and Brother Hepworth in the afternoon.
  Bro & Sis McOmber - going to Long Beach as Medical Advisers - She is a nurse and he will probably be running the fleet of cars.
  Bro & Sis Stark - going to South Africa on a MLS mission - Member Leadership Support.

  Bro & Sis John - going to Honduras on a MLS Mission - He is a retired seminary teacher and she tries to keep him in line. We really made great friends with the Johns.

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