Saturday, July 7, 2012


  Along the smaller streets, the homes are very modest and most families provide a service or something to sell right next to the street. You will see food a lot, whether just cooked or something like a mini-mart. Most of these little shops are all covered with bars to protect from theft. You go up to a small barred window and ask them for what you would like. We don't generally shop at these locations.
  I have included a photo of a Jeepney (a small bus that has a front end that looks like a Jeep). This is a hold over from World War II. The US left a lot of Jeeps here rather than return them to the states. They copied the front end and most of these are old. They just keep fixing them. They are every where and the drivers are crazy. They only get paid for the passengers they take so they are getting them to their locations fast. As Rich would say, 'They are of the Devil!'. They are made of stainless steel or galvanized. They are hand painted with almost anything you could imagine on them. The picture is one of a plain one. I will add some that are really decked out on a later post.

  The last is a picture of a Tricycle (small 125cc to 155cc motorcycle with a side car). They are everywhere and even drive in the rain. They just cover up with plastic. They come in all colors and kinds similar to the Jeepnees. They personalize them with anything you can imagine. They hold 2 passengers next to the driver and one passenger sits on the motorcycle seat behind the driver. However, I have seen many more than that packed in and on them.

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