Monday, July 2, 2012


  The first week in the MTC we trained as all missionaries train - we used the 'Preach My Gospel' manual and taught other couples and others that came to the MTC for the very purpose of being taught. I found it to be a very spiritual opportunity.
  The second week, we focused on Welfare Services training. We had attended an addiction training and an Employment Training. We found these to be gems in the welfare system.
  During the Employment training we were just one of the group. The Sister Missionaries did a great job of training the group. The group introduced themselves and the type of job they were looking for. One young lady said she wanted a job in the music/entertainment field and that her wife was the strength of her life. The next man was from Ireland and had spent time in a Mexican jail. He was hoping to get a job bar tending or building bars. I sat next to a young man from western Africa that didn't speak English very well, but he had a skill of running a fork-lift. Each person had a story, but they all needed help. I saw a beautiful thing happen that day, as I saw confidence and self esteem grow in each person. What a wonderful program.

  We also went to Welfare Square on a bus from the MTC for a day for a tour and training. After the tour, we went to the Joseph Smith Building for a luncheon and a talk by Elder Rudd. He literally wrote the book on Church Welfare Services. At 94 years old, he still has a full schedule. He is remarkable.

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