Sunday, July 8, 2012


   We have had a few experiences with the driving but not as bold as it was yesterday. I suggested that we take time to see the sights around us. I love history and really liked the idea of visiting the location of Intramuros. This was the start of Manila.
  When the Spanish were here they started Intramuros as their Capital in Asia. They began the walls that surrounded the city in 1571 and the entire complex wasn't finished until 150 years later. Later the US took control and it became the Colonial Headquarters. It became the Pacific Allied Headquarters following WW II.

  The history is very rich. There are several original buildings still standing, but as the guide told us the government doesn't have money to restore them. Many of these buildings are cathedrals started by the Jesuit Priests in the 1500s. One church covers a whole city block. (1st picture) It currently is having some work done on it and signs warn of falling debris not from construction, but decay of the building.
  We did go into one cathedral that is currently being used. A wedding was just about to start as we entered. They were taking a lot of pictures, so one more camera was not noticed. (2nd picture)
  The original wall of the city still stands in some areas. the wall is 40 plus feet across and in some areas it housed stables or prisons for American and Philippine soldiers. Just behind Becky is the top or the wall. (photo 3) (sorry it only downloaded part way)

   You can still see where bullets and cannons struck the wall. Photo 4 shows original walls of buildings still standing from where the area was bombed by the Japanese. The hope of our guide is that they will be restored one day. The last photo shows part of the original wall that has withstood the time but does have scares of wars.

   The trip was eventful, but the traffic was terrible. Bumper to bumper - slow and tedious - yah, we got lost a few times from bad directions, but we survived -  time for a new adventure!

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