Tuesday, July 3, 2012


  It's our first day in the Philippines and it's time to look around. We take a walk in the area we are staying and find familiar stuff. McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, KFC, etc.
  The pictures I have attached really say 'Welcome to my neighborhood'.
  Quezon City is part of the Manila Metropolitan area that together make up about 12 million people.
It is very different than what I had in mind for the Philippines.
  We then meet Clem for our 1st assignment - Get our driver's licenses. Our first stop is to get our urine tested. While they are waiting for the results, we go down a couple of doors to get a medical exam. This is not at the driver's license bureau, but just in a mall area.
  We get the medical OK, pay the pesos and head back to the urine testing place. Found out that Becky couldn't give a sample but passed anyway. A few pesos and everything is good.
  We then went to get our licenses. We provided them with our Idaho license, passport and information from the medical, etc. We payed our fees and waited. The driver's license bureau is combined with a Catholic Church. As we are waiting for our licenses, people are lighting candles and praying behind us. No separation of church and state here. Becky got her picture taken and had her license in pretty quick order. I got my picture and waited. Then the computers went down.
Solution - Try tomorrow. Called tomorrow - Try tomorrow. Waited til Friday - OK we can finish it now.
  I had to get one because Becky's is just a keep sake. So far, she isn't going to drive. Driving here is an event all should experience. 12 million people all on the road at the same time trying to go somewhere. There are Buses, Large Trucks, Jeepnees (a small bus that looks like a long Jeep), Tricycles (a small motorcycle about 100 to 175 cc hooked to a side car that carries up to 3, OK 8, people), small motorcycles and cars. It is a sight to behold. 2 rules apply - biggest vehicle always win and if there is an opening, go for it. Head lights, turn signals, and brakes are all optional. Only one thing works well - THE HORN. Pedestrians have no right of way - They are on their own. You have to be very patient and forgiving to drive here. Cutting someone off is just standard practice. There is no reason to get mad - if you do - you won't survive.


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