Sunday, July 22, 2012


   We took the opportunity to visit the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial. It consists of 152 acres of pristine land just outside the capital of Manila. Their are 17,201 Americans buried here along with 517 Philippine Scouts. This area continues to form a bond between America and the Philippines as it reminds us of the past cooperative effort of World War II.
   There are 20 sets of brothers at this cemetery, one of which is a set from Idaho. Most of the Italian marble headstones are marked and 29 Medal of Honor Recipients also marked. The Memorial has also listed in stone 36,286 names of the Missing in Action. These names are engraven around the hemi-circle along with the Great Seal of every state in America in the walkway.

  The operations in the Pacific Ocean in World War II started on Dec. 7, 1941. Unknown to me, the Philippines were attacked simultaneously. The Japanese forces had conquered parts of Asia but were set back by the fierce defenses of the U.S. Army, Philippine Army and the Philippine Scouts. They held the Japanese back for 6 months and enabled the U.S. offensive operations to be put in place.
  A high casualty rate ensued through these 6 months and beyond. Due to the brutal nature of the treatment of POWs, 11,000 Americans died in captivity. Many of those are buried here.
  I am pondering as I hear the chime that sounds every half hour. This is a solemn and sacred area.

I see others visitors here from many countries, but especially Filipinos. All of the Filipino's I have met love and appreciate Americans. I am grateful for their acceptance of us.

  The first picture shows the Memorial and the start of the 2 hemi-circles on each side. You can't see it but the face of the Memorial has en graven St.George slaying the Dragon. The second picture shows the final resting places of many Americans and Filipinos.

  The third picture shows one of the inscribed walls with the names of those that gave their lives. Included is the plot location if they are buried there. I did look, no Hadlocks or Driesels.

  There are many maps in the Memorial that show the battles that took place in the Philippines and surrounding areas. The forth picture is the map of the liberation of the Philippines. Here preserved as a reminder of a terrible time.

  This is a place where time stands still in remembrance of the tragedies of the past. Everyone has been effected whether noticed or not. Two of those places that were affected were Idaho and Utah as represented in the walkway of marble.
  Rows and rows of crosses mark the dedication of individuals that gave their all in defending right and to protect our freedom. What would the world be like without their sacrifice. But some will wonder what it would have been like if they still had their son, husband or father.

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