Tuesday, July 3, 2012


  We'll it's apartment hunting time. We are shown apartments in 2 areas. Eastwood, which is an upscale area and Pioneer Highlands, just across the street from were we are staying at Legends Villas. These are the two areas where the Senior Missionaries are staying. We chose the Pioneer Highlands, because we get a bigger apartment for the money and many of the missionaries that we are working with are staying here. We moved in on Saturday the 16th of June. And Bonus, we already kind of know the neighborhood.
  As you can see, our digs are not too bad. We have most of the conveniences.
  We are on the 28th floor of a 40 story housing tower. We have a great view.

   We go about 2 blocks to a local mall and make 3 trips to shop for our apartment needs.

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