Sunday, July 15, 2012


   On Monday and Tuesday of this week we were very busy completing the updated version of the participants manual. We want to have it done for a training on Friday and Saturday in Makati. Everything is looking good and we are going to print out the new version. We have made great progress on improving the training presentation. Our next project is to update a few slides in the Power Point.
  Wednesday we went to Manila with Weenah Marquez (a Gov't employee with PWD) to deliver a supportive wheel chair to a young girl in an orphanage. Weenah has been a great resource in our work. She is one of our few trained Intermediate Wheel Chair Assessors. She heads up the PWD division in our city of Mandaluyong.
  It took quite a while to get to the orphanage in Manila, even though the distance was not that great. But again, the traffic just creeps at times.
  I had never been to a orphanage before, so I was a little apprehensive. What would we see? Poorly taken care of children with illnesses and poor diets? I was pleasantly surprised.
  I will tell you that it is a life changing opportunity. There were 67 children there, mostly with disabilities from cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus. We found the children well taken care of. They were clean, active and very smart.
 The young girl that the wheel chair is for has CP. She could not talk or verbally communicate, but when she was put in her chair, she laughed and smiled and throw her arms about. You knew she was excited and very happy.
We took the time to visit with all the kids there. Some are not able to even know you are there, but we talk to them anyway. The children that are able to interact are happy and love to play.
 The orphanage is run by Sister Arlene, a small lady from India who has dedicated her life to taking care of these wonderful young children. It is hard to get her to talk about herself, all she wants to talk about are the children.The children range from 6 months to 19 years old. Many have been abandoned by their families due to the inability to take care of them.
   I have fallen in love with each of these angels. I know for a fact the our Father in Heaven watches over these very special children. You can feel the love of the Savior  as you hold each one.
  The volunteers are truly selfless people that do a great service. They treat the children with such respect and devotion. You can tell the children love them very much.

  As we pick up these children and give them a hug and talk to them, we feel true joy. They are so responsive and want to play with us. We are having the time of our life. My thoughts go to my own grandchildren and the love I feel for each of them.

  The first picture is the little girl that we fitted to a supportive wheel chair. It is very easy to tell that this young lady is pleased with her new mode of transportation. Also in the photo is Sister Arlene. We have formed a new friendship with her and will do more to help her in her efforts.
  The 2nd photo is of Becky holding a 9 year old girl that has only been in the orphanage a few days. She is very lonely and wants her Mommy. She was left here because the family isn't able to take care of her. She cries and holds on tight to Sister Hadlock. Becky is such a comfort to her.

Becky held her for the longest time. The Spirit is strong in working with these little ones.

  The 3rd picture is of a little 5 year old. He is very funny and I am helping him count to 10. He does great on 1 and 2, then everything is 5 until her gets to 9 and 10. We had a lot of fun together. He just laughs and laughs. The boy in the crib next to him keeps teasing me, so I tickle him. He is one of the funniest little boys I have ever seen. He reminds me so much of Kanden.
  The last picture is of Sister Arlene taking care of the children about 2 to 3 years old in their cribs. Every room has a lot of cribs, whether the child is 6 months or up to 6 years. Each child has there own space, even though very small.
  We are already making plans to return.

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