Sunday, July 8, 2012


  Last Wednesday the USNS Mercy was docked in the Philippines at Subic Bay. This is a 1000 bed floating hospital that is making it's Pacific Partners 2012 Tour. Each year it goes to Pacific ports that have been predetermined by a partnership between the US Navy and countries in the Pacific. On board are many health care specialists that donate their time and expertise to help those in need.
  The ship leaves in April and doesn't return until September from San Diego. Many of the volunteers are members of the LDS Church. We had the opportunity to host many of these LDS volunteers to a dinner and set up an opportunity to visit the Manila Temple for a session while they were here for the day.
   They looked tired. They work from 4am to 8pm or later in providing service to many. I so admire the work that they are doing. About 50 members of the group showed up for the dinner we had. They were from everywhere you can imagine in the US and Canada.

  Most found out about the opportunity through the Church News in the late fall. If interested, watch for the opportunity or get ahold of LDS Charities about the work of USNS Mercy.

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