Tuesday, July 3, 2012


  We have not had much trouble finding things that we need, but I am glad I brought enough shirts and dress pants though. I searched for a pair of black closed-toe sandals in a size 11 and tried on a lot of different ones. There size 11 is not my size 11. However, I did find one pair that will work - I bought 'em.

  They have some very large malls here. MegaMall and the Mall of Asia being the biggest. I have enclosed a picture of Market Market to give you a feeling of how big they are. They contain almost everything a mall in America has and then some. This mall has all the main stream shops plus it also has areas for the native items to buy. There is all kinds of native clothes and wares available.

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  1. We picked up Caleb from the San Pablo mission last August and spent a week in the Philippines with him. It was an amazing experience. We went to the Mega Malls, through a session in the Tokyo temple, to the American war memorial, but mostly spent time in the rural towns that Caleb served in meeting the people on their own turf and in their own tin sheds. Only got sick once. The saints are wonderful and kind. I look forward to your posts.