Sunday, August 11, 2013


  I had been looking forward to reporting our mission to the Stake Presidency and High Council this morning. It was a great experience as we spoke from the heart of the many things we were able to do, see and experience on our mission.
  Becky started and told about the closeness we gained by serving together. She also told of the last 2 months and how we are now focusing on her treatment. She bore her testimony of God's plan for us and that she is not concerned with what the future holds because it is according to our Father in Heaven's will. She has grow so much during this last year and I am very proud of her. I am lucky to have her as my eternal companion.
  I next told of all the things that are part of Humanitarian Services work with LDS Charities. I told of the great lessons I had learned regarding charity, service, relationships and helping the One. I am most moved by the help we can give to help that one person we are directed to by the Lord. We need to be mindful of others needs and listen to the Holy Ghost when it directs us. Then 'Just Do It'.
  The experience was wonderful as we were able to pour out our hearts to the truths that we had learned. We were very fortunate to serve in the Philippines at this time and season. This opportunity will continue to bless our lives as we now move forward in faith to do our next assignment as directed by our Father in Heaven.

Sunday, August 4, 2013


  We found out yesterday from President Stephen Collins (Our Stake President) that we are now released as Country Directors of Humanitarian Services for the Philippines. We were serving out of the Philippines Quezon City Mission.
  The past 15 months have been one of the greatest opportunities we have experienced in our lives. Being able to serve together in helping the poor and needy in the Philippines has changed us both.
  We have left knowing that the Filipinos are loving, kind and accepting. We have never felt so needed as we have felt in serving them and our Father in Heaven.

   We now move on in new challenges and opportunities.
   Becky had her second chemo treatment and did well. The only challenge so far is the fatigue she is feeling.
   Within the next few weeks we hope to find some normalcy as we adjust to change, the only constant in our lives.