Wednesday, July 4, 2012


  We had only been here one week and we went to Lucena for our first wheel chair training. Lucena is located southeast of Manila. It took us 6 plus hours to get there, not that the distance was that great, the traffic is just that slow.
  It was a fun drive however, going through a lot of small villages. It was the first time I saw the rice fields, corn fields, sugar cane, brahma cattle, and Caribao (looks like a water buffalo). I will share pictures the next time we are out in the country. I wasn't prepared to take photos this time.
  We arrived in Lucena and of course missed the turn. Street signage is poor at best, but usually non-existent. After a u-turn and a little back tracking, we found our hotel.

  We stayed at the Queen Margarette Hotel. It was an older hotel, but would have been a very upscale place to stay in its time. Because the Spanish settled here, there is a lot of influence in building styles and even in their language. This hotel is definitely in that style.
  We get a good rest and anticipate what tomorrow will bring.

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