Thursday, July 5, 2012


  We met some amazing people while training in Baguio. In the center is Ryan. As you can see, he is sitting on his withered legs. His right arm does OK, but his left arm is very weak. His friend Joe is to the left. Joe has no use of his legs, but has a strong upper body. The 2 of them work at a car wash. Joe does work on the cars and Ryan helps manage the business. The owner lets them live there for part of their payment for work. Ryan's wheel chair is more than well used and Joe's wheel chair is borrowed. The 2 of them came to our training because they heard we were giving away free wheel chairs. They weren't asking for a wheel chair for themselves, but they had an eight year old friend that was in an accident and could use one. Their friend is paralyzed in his lower body.

  We found them to be very intelligent and invited them to join our training. They became certified because they passed everything and not because we had a soft spot for them. We also assessed them for wheel chairs and they are both getting one. The boy that they came to get a wheel chair for will be assessed by them and we will get him one also.
  We found out that we had some real talent in the group and used 2 of them in our closing ceremony.
Joe has an amazing voice in the style of a country western singer. He was very humble about his talent and I'm sure he doesn't share it often.
  The other singer is Tony that sings in a style of Mel Torme or Tony Bennett. He uses his talent to sing at weddings.
  They brought the group to tears and a standing ovation.

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