Saturday, July 7, 2012


  On Thursday this week we had a chance to visit the LDS Church Philippine Distribution Center. It took about 30 minutes to get there from the office. It was our purpose to see how the wheels chairs were ordered and either shipped or picked up by the partner group. We found it was better than we had imagined. It did give us a lead on were we can improve our procedures for delivery. This part of the program was working quite well.
  There are over 500 wheel chairs housed in the warehouse for our immediate needs. After seeing how many we had, it's time to 'move 'em out'.
  The warehouse is very large and holds everything a ward or stake needs as well as things individuals can use.
Members can order a large variety of things via the Internet to be shipped directly to them.
  Adjoining the warehouse is Beehive Clothing. This is were the LDS Garments are produced. They produce thousands every day and not only supply the Philippine areas, but also Central and South America, China, Taiwan, and Japan. They are very efficient and the most productive of all the Beehive Clothing operations. They are very dedicated in their work.
  Half of the group is working on women's garments and the other half working on men's.

It was fascinating to watch how fast they were and the quality is nothing but the best.
  The first photo shows 2 workers cutting out the fabric. They have patterns hanging on the wall behind them for every size they make, both men and women. They are bundled in a same size and predetermined quantity and that bundle moves from one person to the next. Each does his or her part in the production as seen in the 3rd photo. As they complete their part, they sign off that each is done perfectly.
  When everything is completed they are packaged and made ready for distribution. (Photo 4). That could be for a large shipment to Distribution Centers or one package for a person that ordered on the Internet.
   This process could easily be made more automated, but that would eliminate jobs. It is most important that people are being productive and self-reliant.
  Becky could have stayed all day. She enjoyed it that much.
(Photo 2 decided to not show up for work.)

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