Friday, July 20, 2012


   You sometimes just fall into something.
   By mistake we went to the Mandaluyong office complex to visit Wennah. She had invited us to be part of an activity of turning over wheelchairs to the city that we had donated. Oops, it's next week. Becky loves it when I screw up.
   We fall right into a 50th Birthday Party for the Mayor of Mandaluyong. He is a very popular Mayor and thousands of people are there. An attendant asks us who we represent and after formal introductions we are seated in the VIP Section, RIGHT UP FRONT. You can't make this stuff up!

  We are then joined by Pete, a PWD that works within the government to facilitate change. He is a small man that rides a regular tricycle that he had converted to battery powered. I told him he should manufacture and sell them. He isn't interested, he prefers to work to get the government to help other PWDs to get more education and employment. He may be small but he carries a lot of clout.
  Well the Mayor arrives with his entourage and everybody is yelling and clapping and the band is playing and another guy is yelling into the mike - it's crazy time. Now this is what I call a Birthday Party. I expect Becky to do this for me on my next birthday.
  The Mayor starts to go by and then stops and looks right at us. He moves toward us and introduces himself and shakes our hands. He is a very gracious man. He then continues forward to take his seat of honor.
  The celebration begins. Bands, aerobic dancers, happy birthday songs, speakers, well you name it, it was there. I have never seen anything like this.
  In the middle of all this, Pete decides he has had enough and says 'Let's go to the office'. What? We are right up front - Doesn't this show disrespect to the Mayor? He says, 'Come on'.
  I am trying to hide as we are going down the center aisle. Busted - There are three rows deep of cameras from every TV station in Manila. Headline "Mormons Bolt From Mayor's Birthday Party".
  Like I say, you can't make this up.

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