Monday, July 2, 2012


  It's Monday morning the 11th of June. We are finally at the airport and ready to start our adventure.
We stayed at Rich's last night so we had the closest trip to the airport. We arrived at 6:30am and began to get our luggage checked.
  I'm a little worried because of all the medications and axillary stuff (needles, etc) that we need to take with use. We have a limit of 50 pounds per bag. We go to the counter and I'm more than concerned. They charge 100 plus dollars for being overweight. OK - here we go. The first bag goes on the scale - 50 pounds exactly. Yeah! OK bag #2 - on the scale it goes - 49 pounds! OK we're on a roll. Now bag #3 - It feels heavy - 50 pounds again. Wow! Things look good. Only one more to go.
The tumblers roll - 49 pounds. Yeah - I did it!!! With 2 pounds to spare. It's going to be a good day.
Then I realize how heavy the carry-ons are. Well I guess we need it ALL.
  We see Jim and his family just before we board the plane. It is so good to see them and get one last hug. We love them all so much.
  The first leg of the flight is to San Francisco. It's a 2 hour flight and then a layover of 4 hours. We then head for Tokyo and the longest flight I have ever been on. Four full movies don't even cover the time.  I think the flight is 12 hours or so. We find we have another long layover in Tokyo. A connecting flight is late and we wait forever. We finally fly to Manila and arrive at 11:30 on Tuesday night. We missed a whole day. We thought we just had to get a ride to the Mission Home.
Oh contrair!! (I still can't spell that word) We spend another 2 1/2 hours waiting to get our passports checked and to get through customs.
   We're through. Now were is our ride? It's 2am and we are beat. We follow the direction on the paper we got from LDS Travel and go to the 'H' platform. Lots of taxis, but no one with our name on a sign. (We are important - they should have had a sign). I said a little prayer to know what to do. Just then a man came up to us and asked if we are the Hardlucks - Yip we sure are. Perfect name for the condition we are in.
  Brother Clem was there to pick up another missionary couple, but he thought he would check to see if we were taken care of before he left. Prayer answered.
  We finally got to the Legends Villas about 3am in a daze.

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