Wednesday, July 4, 2012


  The afternoon of the first day of training involves a lot of on-hands experience. Most of the group was doing very well, but we had a few that struggled with English. The materials are written in English and of course that's all I speak, other than a 'Magandang Umaga'. The exercise they are performing here is a sensation test. We need to determine if they are lacking feeling in areas of there arms and hands and legs and feet.
  At the end of this day they should be able to do the interview with the client and initial tests required to use a wheel chair. Depending on the client's abilities, they may not qualify for a wheel chair.
  Our goal is not to ever make matters worse for a client. If a walker or a pair of crutches would work better, that's what we will give them. It is all about mobility and a walker is more mobile than a wheel chair.

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