Wednesday, July 4, 2012


The principles in training are:
  - to reach the most people we can by way of trained technicians that facilitate the work.
  - to help people be as self-reliant as they can
  - to restore dignity to a person
  - give them a chance to go to school or to work
  After the participants finish the training, they are certified to find and access potential uses for the mobility items that we have. They fill out the assessment forms and give them to the partner they are affiliated with. That partner enters them into our database and the item is ordered. It is the responsibility of the partner to pick up or have the wheel chairs or other items shipped to them. It is the responsibility of the technician to get the chair to the user and train on the use and care.
LDS Charities charges nothing to them for any of the items we supply.
  We serve anyone who needs help without regards to race, religion or any other factor.
However, I feel I am being helped the most. I feel such love for this people and for the challenges they have. They are happy no matter what their circumstances. As a nation, they are very religious and love God. And they care about each other to the best that they have to offer.

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