Wednesday, March 27, 2013


  We have had wheelchair training with some wonderful groups of individuals that can really affect the success of our program, but none more so than "Physicians for Peace". This is the last training that Sister Hadlock and I arranged before moving into our new assignment. We used a large room at Philippine General Hospital which accommodated us very well.

The group began to gather the first day for training. We ended up with about 24 graduates that will be a great assest to our work. They are also all over the country, which allows more opportunity to help the poor and needy. This group volunteers their time and resources for many worthwhile projects. The training went very well as you might expect with the well educated individuals we were working with.
On the last day of training, we do actual assessments with PWDs. Because we were at PGH, we did not lack for people that needed a mobility device. This young man had been in a serious motorcycle accident a few days before and will need a wheelchair for sometime as he heals.
I began talking with one of the Doctors that seemed very interested in this case. As we talked I found out that he had finished the surgery on this man just 6 hours ago. This device will hold the lower leg bones in place while the bone graphs heal. Because of the huge overcrowding in the hospitals here, recovery time in-hospital is very short. He will actually go home in a few days with the help of the wheelchair.
The graduation for this class occurred outside in a courtyard area. I feel this group will help us improve the course we are taking in training and improving outcomes for those using wheelchairs. This is a top priority in our program.
I'm sure you remember Pete Manio. Great friend and cohort. This is his wife and one of his children that attended the training representing KAMPI. He will oversee the new accessors from "Physicians for Peace".

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