Wednesday, March 27, 2013


   Another Saturday upon us and an opportunity to go to Sierra Madre Resort. Our primary reason for going was to check a community clinic that had some needs that we might be able to help with.

Sierra Madre Resort is located in the mountains near Sampolac. A small community that just had a church group start up there. About 50 people attended the first few weeks and the number is up to 90 plus. It won't be long until a Branch will be formed.
The resort is often used by our church groups for Youth Conferences or Senior Missionary getaways.
There is the long foot bridge there that spans over 200 ft. and a tower that we were standing on that is the high point of the property above the foot bridge. Also there are 3 swimming pools, large area for get togethers and a large enclosed chapel that can be used for meetings.
Our favorite places were the jungle trails that were well done and led to beautiful areas on the grounds.
The trail eventually lead to a beautiful waterfall. Sister Hadlock and Sister French are really feeling great as this photo op included some climbing to get into place.
On the way back Sister Hadlock found a Cobra. Lucky for us it was the only one we found. There are a lot of Philippine Cobras in this country.
We located the clinic and did a short assessment of their needs. Hopefully we can be of help to them as they try to serve their community with very little resources.

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