Sunday, March 17, 2013


   A couple of posts ago, I talked about a 9 year old girl we found at a swimming hole that needed a wheelchair.
  It only took a few days and we had the wheelchair in hand. We grabbed Elder and Sister French and away we went. It took about 2 hours to get to her location but another hour to find the home. We had an address but the person on the phone that we had as a contact could not speak English.
  We drove around and asked directions, but if you ask 10 people here, you get 10 answers. We try to use the rule of 3. If you ask 3 and 2 agree, you might be able to find it. There is no postal delivery system here so the addresses are not very logical.
  We found the barangay hall (local gov't building) to ask for directions. We met the barangay captain there and took him with us to find the home. Also a councilwoman wanted to go along. With that much help we were sure we could find the little girl.
We found the home and the family was home. We were greeted by her, Mom, Dad, Little Brother and Little Sister. We then went through the process of fitting the wheelchair and teaching them how to use and take care of it.
With basics done, we moved to outside for a trial run. The young girl was very shy but as she started to move around we began to see a transformation. She had her head up for the first time.
The man in the red ball cap is the barangay captain and very concerned about the little girl. They don't have any record of her. To some it is shameful to be disabled and families will generally keep them home and out of site.
She has never been to school and has very little skills except what she has seen on TV. I had the Mom and Dad commit to get her enrolled in school. I also had the barangay captain and councilwomen commit to enroll her in school. Grandma came by and I got the same commitment from her. I am hopeful that one of them will get her enrolled. Without education, they have little chance to have any quality of life.
She got placed in the center of the street area in which they lived. The children in the neighborhood all of a sudden noticed her and came running. She was now a celebrity. But I hope the children will continue to notice her as she becomes more acquainted with them.

      As we talked more about helping in the neighborhood, the barangay captain told us about a girl a few homes away. Her name is Stephanie and has CP. She is 24 years old and disabled since birth. She sits as you see and can not straighten out her legs. We assess her for a wheelchair and determine she needs a 12 inch adult. This poor young lady has almost no mental abilities and is cared for continually. But a wheelchair will provide better care and most importantly, get her off the floor. We were able to deliver her wheelchair a week later.

We find we can help in so many ways as we follow the Spirit. Had we not delivered the first wheelchair to the home, we would not have had the opportunity to help little Stephanie.
This community is somewhat clean as the children play in the streets. But they were totally unaware that two young ladies in their neighborhood needed help. How often do we go about our daily lives unaware of the needs all about us. My eyes have been opened to look closer and to listen more intent to be guided to the ONE.

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