Saturday, March 23, 2013


  It seems Senior Missionaries come and go at a fast rate. This gives us the opportunity to met new friends and say good-bye to old friends. It is not always easy. We form eternal bonds with these wonderful Brethren and Sisters as we work in our various assignments to promote the Gospel and the Savior's Love.

In a little over 3 months we will be loosing our Mission President. President David DeLaMare and his wife Kayla, will be heading back to Taylorsville, UT. Like many of the Seniors that are serving, the plans for returning home may not be very clear. He left his job when he was called and will have to look for a new one on returning home. He is a great example of Faith in his service. He is not alone in wondering what returning home will bring. Several Seniors are here at great expense and faith that all will be put into place when that time comes for them to be released.
From early Zone Conference pictures, you can see the growth in the number of Senior Missionaries that are assigned to our mission. Each serves in their respective assignment and we each lend support to each other. Sister Hadlock and I were the first couple every called to just the wheelchair program. It has been a wonderful experience. Now a new couple, the Statons, will oversee the wheelchairs as we move into our new assignment as 'Country Directors of Humanitarian Services' in the Philippines. It is like beginning a new mission. There is much to learn. We have a strong love of the Philippines and especially the Filipino people. We have had a dream come true by being here.

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