Thursday, March 28, 2013


   Just across the mountain to the southeast of Metro Manila are several medium size towns. One of those is Tanay. I was told the population of Tanay is 890,000 which in my book is more than medium. The church has a beautiful chapel there and many faithful members in the branch.
  It was here that a request came in to see about donating an x-ray machine.
It took about 1 and 1/2 hours to get to Tanay where we met Elder and Sister Miller. They would be our tour guides. The adventure started with our first tricycle ride. Sister Hadlock's cousin Cheryl was with us that week. She was just returning home to Provo after spending a year in Cambodia teaching English. My place on the tricycle was behind the driver. Those two had a wonderful time as they laughed together.
 They use 125cc to 155cc motorcycles to propel these sidecars. The price is 25 pecos per person no matter where you wanted to go whithin the city. That's about 60 cents each.

We saw the clinic and was impressed by the cleanliness of the facility. They see hundreds each day here. It is ran by 3 Physicians and staff. I don't know how much each is paid, but nurses make about 8 to 10 dollars per day.
The location of the x-ray machine is in another building behind the clinic and has a single door. They are hoping to get our updated machine that is digital. There current machine still uses plates and is very old. If they receive our old machine, they will relocate this machine to a smaller community to give them access to an x-ray machine. We have here one of only 2 x-ray machines in a community of 890,000 people.
Next to the clinic, is a new city hall getting very close to completion. Their plans call for a new clinic in the new facility. We have seen many times the construction of large beautiful buildings and no money to furnish them. It may take years to complete the project.

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