Friday, March 29, 2013


   There is always something you see here that you say, 'Where's the Camera?'. I have missed so many great pictures of things to record because I wasn't ready.
   Well we did manage to get a few that we had second chances to get the shot.

I saw this Shelby Cobra as it went blasting by me. Of course no camera ready, but I think I can catch him when the traffic slows down. Sure enough. Beautiful car.
As we passed we gave him a thumbs up. He loved it. I don't know if many people recognize what he is driving and those that do wonder why he is in this traffic.
Big Bikes are a rarity here, but we got a shot of this Bobber on EDSA one afternoon.
Becky catches another shot when traffic gets backed up in a tunnel.
These big bikes look even bigger when a Filipino drives them.
Haven't seen my Road King in about a year and feel itchy to ride one. Jeff I hope you're taking good care of  'The Duke' while we are gone.

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