Wednesday, March 27, 2013


  One of the projects that LDS Charities sponsors here in the Philippines is the Neonatal Resuscitation Training. We have Dr. Micheal Visick and his wife come to the Philippines from the Salt Lake Area and work with our partner to facilitate this training. One day is spent teaching a Master Trainer's course and 2 more days are spent on regional training. This training is given to Doctors, Nurses and now open to Midwives. Helping to reduce infant mortality is a worthy and necessary goal.

Our partner here in the Philippines is the Philippine Society of Newborn Medicine. The individual in their organization the works directly with us is Dr. Chat Corpus. She is the Doctor holding the flowers in the above photo at their annual meeting. She has been given an award for outstanding service in the field of Neonatalogy. It is wonderful to work with such dedicated professionals.
She again appears with us and the Statons as LDS Charities is presented an award for its contribution to the NRT Program.  Working with such outstanding people on such an outstanding program brings about outstanding results.

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