Sunday, March 17, 2013


   I had the opportunity to go to the island of Biliran and the municipality of Almeria. Two years ago a project was conceived here to bring water to 13 barangays that had very poor quality water. The water tested positive for e-coli and had high amounts of iron. The color was and is yellow and the oder is bad. Unfortunately, the work up and planning took much longer than hoped. However, if the local area leaders are not fully committed to doing the work necessary, then the outcome is poor. More often it will fail even after a lot of funds have been spent.
  Also in a near by community, a young lady was waiting for a wheelchair. It had been sitting in my office for over four months with promises to be picked up and delivered. I was able to take the wheelchair on the flight with us for delivery.
  This trip would accomplish two very important outcomes.

This was the last trip that Elder Hardick and I had together. He has now returned home to Red Water, Alberta, Canada. But he gave his last wheelchair to this wonderful lady that has had CP since birth. We met her, her caregiver and the branch president at the chapel to make the presentation.
The chapel is very small but fits their current needs. The branch president is in the yellow, the district president is in uniform. The district president was our chauffeur and guide.
The interior of the church had this main room and a few small side rooms for office and classrooms for separation of primary and YM and YW. I am standing at the entrance for the photo and you see everything for use in sacrament meeting and teaching of gospel doctrine. Small but effective.
We left with another satisfied customer that felt of the love of her Father in Heaven. Her life will be improved with the aid of the wheelchair that was given to her.

We arrived at Almeria a short time later. This picture captures Elder Hardick at his best. He is now a celebrity and well known throughout these parts. Actually he is very humble and a little embarrassed by the big 'TO DO'.
He and Elder Benson Misalucha represented LDS Charities in the signing of the legal documents to start the project. The local Mayor headed up the local government. More on this signing can be read on There were 15 other signers and copies made for all. A total of 20 copies were signed and each of the stakeholders took one home.
Final pictures were taken and the signing event was complete. It had been a long two years for everyone involved, but very necessary. NOW THE WORK BEGINS !! 

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