Friday, March 29, 2013


   About 2 hours south of Metro Manila is a small town of Ibaan. We had been asked by Elder and Sister Wagner to look into helping at one of the elementary schools there. They had organized a committee at the school to establish a clinic in a small building on the school grounds and needed input as to what else could be done.

We met them at the school to do a survey of the work they have done and estimate needs to complete their project. What we found was impressive.

A small building on the school grounds had been condemned many years ago. Permission had been  obtained by the Peace Corp to remodel the building and place inside a small clinic and library.
Amy DeCola, a member of the Peace Corp, has been assigned at this school and community to aid in anyway she sees as a need. It was her brain child to refurbish the building and add the much needed clinic and library. Through funding from a group in the US the building was restored. It was beautifully done with the help of parents and teachers. She also had parents make tables, chairs, bookshelves and dividers to be used in the library.
The clinic on the other side of the building has been the project the Wagners have been working on. They have formed a committee for health that includes local govt units and churches in the area. Thus far they have furnished it with the basics. After evaluating what they had accomplished, we recommended that a Nursing School a short distance away be brought in to teach first aid to teachers and parents to give locals the ability to take care of problems that would certainly occur. Also to be brought on board is a local clinic that will oversee and take referrals of those that will need more than first aid. They have the resources to complete their project. Two basic needs came together in such a marvelous way with the help of parents and community. Maybe this can be duplicated? We are investigating.
As we arrived, we found no teacher for this fourth grade class. There had been a school celebration the day before that did not end until 2 in the morning. The teacher was too tired to come in. Sister Hadlock decided to be their teacher for the short time we were there.
Upon saying she would teach them, they immediately ran for their seats. She had a wonderful time as see interacted with them. They are very bright and quick witted. As you can see Boys will be Boys.
Even where we were, they knew what an I-Pad was. They love the tech stuff. Of course, if you look close, you will see Dr. Dave on his Harley in Yellowstone as the picture she has pulled up.
The children are like sponges at this age. It is very important that they continue to be fed education to improve their lives. The library that has been developed by Amy is always busy and a great resource for learning. Developing a model that will be accepted in other areas of the country is now on our agenda.

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