Sunday, April 21, 2013


  Just outside the city limits of Cagayan De Oro is the location for Freedom Technology Foundation.
They were started several years ago by Humanity International to help with the suffering of many on the island of Mindanao. Due to fighting and land minds many have been left disabled and in need of wheelchairs. They build most of the wheelchairs needed for our program in Mindanao.
  They do not have a large capacity as far as numbers, but they build a quality product.

The wheelchairs start with a basic frame for this All Terrain wheelchair being built. They use a jig to hold the small parts in place for welding the frame together.
Many of the workers here are disabled but are very skillful. Mona oversees the construction and assembly. Next to her is a stack of push rings to be attached to the large back wheel.
When all parts are prepared, they are assembled on this large table that 4 persons can work on at the same time.
These are the foot rests to be installed at the time of assembly.
They have the frames complete with the back wheel attached and are ready to go to the final assembly and packing for shipment. This is a small by efficient manufacturing company that supplies a much needed service.  

This is what the final product looks like when ready to be shipped. It works especially well on rough terrain and dirt roads. Many are used in this area where good roads are rare outside the city proper.


  1. sir, i would like to make an inquiry about this wheelchair. im edgar mitu a pwd. ive been looking for a wheelchair which could adapt to my working conditions and i found it in your company. your response will be highly appreciated. thank you very much and may our GOD bless you always.

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