Sunday, April 7, 2013


   While we were training wheelchair technicians at Philippine General Hospital back in January, we were approached by the Head of Pediatrics. He took us on a tour and showed us a classroom setting there at the hospital. He told us of the need they had to move the students from their hospital rooms to the classroom. We knew we could help.

We had a few supportive wheelchairs left that we can donate. They have a head extension and a lap belt to keep the children in place. It's a perfect fit.
There are two classrooms in the ward with 8 to 10 students in each. They are separated by age and use volunteer parents and teachers to help.The young lady with the long hair has now been there the longest at 6 years. The one with the shortest duration of time is 4 months.
The combined group that day had 11 students. It varies depending on the health of the children.
To get to the classrooms, you have to pass through the pediatrics ward. There are generally 2 children to a bed due to lack of beds and space.

Sister Hadlock is visiting with all of the sick children. She would do this full time is she were allowed.

They lack in beds and equipment. This newborn is being bagged as they have nothing else to do the job. Parents and volunteers take turns in helping the child breath. Sometimes the person helping may fall asleep. This leads to fatal consequences.
The feeling around these tiny little angels is something that is beyond description. They are being watched over closely by those beyond the Vail.

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