Saturday, April 27, 2013


   Many challenges occur here in the Philippines due to the marriage vows or lack of them. This is the only country in the world (according to our legal department) that still does not allow for divorce. At first impression that sounds great. But then you realize that many couples here live together and have families together because they can't get divorced from a prior marriage or they do want to find themselves in such a circumstance.
   The Catholic Church is very dominant here and does not believe in divorce. Therefore it does not exist. However, this puts many of our members in a situation that does not allow them to hold callings or to be eligible to attend the Temple. We pray often that the National Senate, Congress and Presidency will eventually pass such a bill to allow divorce.

 Well it was an exciting day for Dexter & Vanessa and Jun & Marivic. They were about to be married and fulfill a desire they have had for a long time.
We had met Dexter & Vanessa prior to this day and really enjoy them. They have one child and are thrilled to finally get married. Another challenge to getting married here is the money. They need to pay to file papers, pay clergy, have clothes to wear, food for the celebration and other items. That is hard because most can barely provide food for their families. With much support from friends and branch members, they have been able to put it all together.
Jun & Marivic have been waiting even longer for this day to arrive. You may remember Jun from an earlier blog that talked about Elder Jensen helping them to build a house. They have 4 children and have been together for many years. When Jun was asked 'Will you take this women to be your lawfully wedded wife?', he jumped up and down and yelled 'Yes, Yes, Yes!'.
Elder & Sister Jensen have been a strong support for both of these families, The Jensens had done all the decoration, flowers, clothing, etc in preparing them for that special occasion.
Sisters French and Hadlock also got involved and spent the whole day in making a wedding cake. I think they made it with rice crispy treats for the 2-layer base and then 4 layers of carrot cake. They had more fun than should be allowed for Senior Missionaries.
Immediately following the wedding, Dexter & Venessa were baptized. The following week Jun (made an Elder) was able to baptize Marivic and their children that were old enough.
This has now given each family the opportunity to progress toward the Temple. They have each planned to go one year from now. I know they will receive all the support they will need.

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