Friday, April 19, 2013


   Not long ago, the new Philippine MTC building was completed. This left the old building to be remodeled. In the remodel a new Physician's Office was included. The old doctor's office is in our PAO building. In the old office was an older x-ray machine that was not moved to the new building because it was replaced by a new x-ray machine. This left us with a opportunity to place the old x-ray machine with a hospital in great need. Wow, did everyone follow that?
  We investigated several locations where the need was great, but settled on the QMMC for many reasons. Most importantly was the great number of poor people they see every day. Also the coincidence that their x-ray machine was just condemned - too old for parts and service.

Our visit to their hospital to survey their needs lead to a tour of the facility. They asked if we wanted to see anything in particular and Sister Hadlock said "Babies". This photo is in the Pediatric ward. There are generally 2 to 3 children in each bed. Mothers and Fathers do much of the care for basic needs with the Staff to do the more important stuff. This is a 350 bed hospital that usually has 750 admitted patients.
This hospital had about 50 newborns in their NICU that was divided into 2 sections, one more critical than the other. Those that could be nursed on one side and those that couldn't on the other.
The staff is well trained and very committed, but there is a lot for each to do because they have too few to do all the work.
At the end of our tour we had seen enough to know of the great needs this hospital had. On the left side of the photo are the directors of the x-ray department and on the right side of the photo are the administrators of the hospital. They are all wonderful and caring and have a great interest in helping those that can't afford the necessary medical help.
All legal documents were completed to prepare a "Deed of Donation and Acceptance". We then all got together in our conference room for the official signing. I am truly happy that this hospital has received our donation. They will put it to great use.

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