Sunday, April 7, 2013


   We have worked with TWH for many years. They build wheelchairs for us and employ many PWDs (Persons With Disabilities).
  They had their start 40 years ago under the direction of a Catholic Sister that had high hopes for people that couldn't get employment otherwise. It started first as a shelter and then moved toward a place to educate and give opportunity.
  We have always felt they have made a great difference here in the Philippines.

We arrived early with the Dupaixs and the Baileys. They represent Public Affairs and do a great job in getting wonderful stories written and placed with National Papers and online at
We have worked with Joy Garcia, the COO of TWH, for many years. She is an inspiration to any that work with her. She was the presenter of awards for many groups that work with them, LDS Charities being one of those.
This building is on the grounds of TWH and is used for many activities, including today's grand event.
This wonderful group was from the Philippine Orthopedic Hospital. These children live there and were organized by a wonderful Catholic Sister. They played these 14-string instruments and had percussion in the group. They played a kind of folk music. The blue wheelchair is one of the wheelchairs we had placed in the hospital. Another one of the young men in the group had requested a wheelchair. He will be visited soon.
Many dignitaries were there. These men are ambassadors from Japan and Belgium.
Shortly after a break for lunch, we had an important visitor. President Benigno Aquino (The president of the Philippines) joined us. He presented several awards and greeted many people.

     He gave a wonderful speech about the great facility and the great people that work there. He speaks only in Tagalog, but we picked out several things he mentioned. That was a great opportunity for us to be there and see their President up close and personal.

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