Sunday, April 21, 2013


  We have been wanting to visit the Jose Fabella Hospital for some time. Located in the heart of Manila, it is the busiest birthing hospital in the world.
   Right now is a slow time but still between 60 and 80 births happen here daily. In peak season (September and October) they will deliver between 100 to 120 babies per day. There is no room for those that are waiting to deliver that don't have a major problem. They just wait outside until they are dilated to the right centimeters. And outside means hot and humid. An inside most areas just have fans.

The building is over 100 years old, but still somewhat usable. Plans of building a new hospital are underway. It will be 9 stories instead of their present location of 3 stories. But it won't be completed for 3 years.
The NICU currently has 100 babies at various stages of growth and development. It consists of several rooms with little room to work around each child. The new hospital will have an entire floor to accommodate so many newborns with problems.
The staff is not as big as needed, but all that can be afforded. For proper care, they would need to greatly enlarge the medical team. Hopefully they can find the money.
No such thing as a private room unless you end up in isolation. Then you only have to share with 11 others. Most of the time 2 to 3 women will share these beds with their newborns with them.
As many as 4 mothers and 4 newborns will bunk on each of these double size accommodations. I took other photos also of a kangaroo unit where mothers are used to incubate their newborns with a tube sock kind of thing that keeps the babies snug against their chest to maintain temperature. Most common care is done by mothers and families with the medical staff there to help with major problems. Many of these mothers with uncomplicated births could go home just 6 hours after giving birth. Many stay for 24 hours to avoid post delivery problems. Very little follow up occurs with these newborns. Only the complicated cases get follow up at home.

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  1. Blogs like this make us even more grateful for all that we have at home. You two are doing so much good over there. We can tell that you are loved. What a privilege it is to be able to be of such a service to the world at this time in our lives. Love you and miss you. See you in about a year.