Saturday, April 20, 2013


  We have had the opportunity to help at this Catholic Institution before, but this is a cause of helping those elderly residents with wheelchairs that need help. Most are old and are missing a part or two or more. The wheelchairs that is.
  We made a prior visit to arrange for all the parts we needed and returned for a day of repair using the volunteers from the US Embassy. The volunteers from the embassy not only help us but are doing many things to help around the country.

The new wheelchair missionaries are Elder Thomas and Sister Joan Staton. They are here from the Portland Oregon area. He was really hoping to go somewhere cooler but the Lord wants them here.
We had help from volunteers from both the Hospicio and the US Embassy. We went through about 50 wheelchairs total and repaired breaks and foot rests. We also gave them new seat cushions and calf straps to make them more comfortable. The ones in the worst condition were given a replacement wheelchair to make life easier.
We finished in about 3 hours and they all returned to there normal activities. It's nap time. Don't wake them up. They have had a hard day.

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