Sunday, October 28, 2012


   Being involved in our ward gives us the opportunity to help on a very personal level.
  Since being in the Tayuman Ward (Taytay Stake) we have had eight requests for walkers and wheelchairs. We get to see the continuing good that these aids provide.

This man has several members of the church in his home. He, his wife, two sons and some granddaughters are members and active. We get Elder McDonald and Elder Raiwalui to help us whenever we can to get them new contacts in the ward. Just a short time ago, we delivered this man a walker because he still had strength in his legs. Now that strength has diminished to a point where we supplied him with a wheelchair. He can no longer speak and has no strength to come to church, but his family's life is helped by making it easier to care for him. He cried as we fit him to the
wheelchair and we joined in the choir. These moments are very tender and the spirit is there to confirm the truth of our Father in Heaven's love for them.
  We also have Sister Amalia Decena in our ward. She heads up an organization of 67 elderly people in the area, mostly non-members. She is regularly requesting help for people. She is a jewel in helping those that need help.  This man is over 70 and his body is warn out. This was a beautiful experience as he told us he had a dream and he saw our faces and we were going to delivery a wheelchair that day. The spirit confirmed the truthfulness of the experience he had. He cried as we put him in the wheelchair. The older people are so appreciative for the help that they receive. The spirit manifested the love that our Father in Heaven has for his children as he embraced each of us on that wonderful Sabbath day.

Three months ago, the monsoon rains displaced this sister and she is still in an evacuation center because her home remains flooded. She is there with hundreds waiting for the opportunity to go home. She told me she saw me in the Temple and was excited to see me again. She had been borrowing a wheelchair from a friend, but now she has her own. This gives her the opportunity to go to the Temple whenever she can. The Lord works in mysterious ways his labors to perform. I have never been so sure of that statement.

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  1. What a beautiful post. Your work must be so self-fulfilling. I could tell by the looks on their faces how grateful those people are for all that you do. Isn't it amazing to belong to a church that actually cares for people. We love following your blog. Keep it up. Wayne and LaRae