Tuesday, October 9, 2012


   This is the northern most area we have done wheelchair training. In conjunction with NCDA and the city of Bontoc, we trained 18 people to do wheelchair assessments. There is a large need for wheelchairs and other devices in these remote areas and LDS Charities help is greatly appreciated. It took us 14 hours by car to arrive at our destination.

We are always greeted warmly and often they go to extra lengths to make us feel welcome.
The accommodations here were small, but we made do. It doesn't take long to move chairs and tables out of the way when necessary. Most of our class consisted of  government workers that worked with PWDs in one way or another.
Day two of our teaching requires assessments of actual people that may need a wheelchair. This young man had polio and limited use of his legs. He went home with crutches and a wheelchair to fill his needs.
In our closing, we give participants a time to express their thoughts on the training. Mostly we hear of appreciation for this opportunity to learn and be a greater part of their community. This gentleman sang for us is his rough but beautiful voice. I was concerned that he had too many challenges to pass our course. I found him outside on the first day trying to study. He had found a very bright area to read the material. He had a bad cataract in one eye and couldn't see. His other eye had been gored by a Cariboa horn and he could only see if he tilted his head. I had a magnifying glass in my case and gave it to him. Wow, he could now see the material and was able to pass the course with a little extra help. His appreciation for such a small thing was overwhelming. The Light of Christ is exposed in so many ways as we work with this humble people.
Graduation is always the best part of their experience. We had made 18 new friends and so had they. But most importantly, they have a skill that will allow them to help their fellowman.

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