Sunday, October 21, 2012


  Pete, my friend in the little tricycle wheelchair, had set up an appointment with the Vice Mayor of Quezon City. This is the largest city in the Philippines and part of the Metro Manila group of 13 cities.
  The appointment had been set for two weeks. The opportunity to meet with Vice Mayor Belmonte can open the doors to forward the work with LDS Charities.
The Vice Mayor's office is located in this administrative office attached to city hall. To give you the impact of the meeting, most cities have 15 to 30 barangays (the unit of local government) they are responsible for. Quezon City has 142 barangays and a population in the millions.
Vice Mayor Ma. Josefina G Belmonte is in her first term but has followed the footsteps of her father who has been in Philippine politics for many years. She oversees the budget and workings of the organizations that help the PWDs (persons with disabilities). Our meeting gave me the opportunity to share what LDS Charities is and the projects we are involved in. She immediately assigns her assistant to work with us and commits her resources to help us do our work.
This is the city hall and is by far the largest in the Philippines. We feel good about our new friend and our opportunity to work with Quezon City. Again, the Lord is opening doors.

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