Sunday, October 14, 2012


   Many years ago, Dr. E William Jackson from the Provo area served in the Philippines as a missionary. While here he saw a great need for medical care that especially included the poor.
  With his experience, he set up a group to help fulfill that need. Mebuhay Deseret Foundation was established to help in the area of surgery and post-op care for cataracts, cross eyed, club feet, clef lip, clef pallet and facial plastic surgery. They have 3 locations in the Philippines. One in Metro Manila, one in Cebu (Visayas) and one in Davao (Mindanao).
  In our travels, we often see the need for such work. We simply gather vital information and forward it to the Foundation and they follow through with contacting and evaluating the individual. If they are found to be a candidate, they receive the needed help.
  The work they do is life saving in the very sense of the word.
Children especially are able to partake of the services rendered and have a place for post-op recovery at their facility here in Metro Manila. These children are all patients that have been helped.
This young man in the center has had club feet repaired and will now have the ability to walk. His life is forever changed for the better.
This young lady is in the middle of a series of operations to repair facial deformities with clef lip and pallet. It has only been a few days since the last surgery as is evident by the still present stitches. She is such a wonderful and pleasant little girl. She loves to be hugged and wants to play with everyone.
This young lady has had severe burns that resulted in her chin being attached to her shoulder. The first of the surgeries released that attachment. She has more surgeries to go to clean up the scare tissue as best as possible.
Manny Enriquez is the director and the contact we use when we find possible candidates for them to help. LDS Charities supplies them with needed equipment with the agreement that they use their time and the equipment to help those in need as a portion of there overall business.
Our experience here is truly showing us the best in people. Those people that have a desire to help people less fortunate. We see miracles on a daily basis that shows God's love for his children. Those children's prayers are answered by people like these, that know what it means to be an instrument of the Lord on the earth.

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  1. Precious little girl. Isn't it wonderful to work with people who have been dealt a hard hand. We are so proud of you two and wish you the very best. Elder and Sister John