Sunday, November 4, 2012


  We have had some great opportunities to meet people in our trainings countrywide. Whenever we teach, we have an opportunity to expand the work through our new friends.
  We have a great relationship with Rotary International of the Philippines. Through this partnership we have added many wheelchair technicians that can help distribute wheelchairs to the poor and needy. These are generally professional men and women that have connections to many other organizations that can find those that need help.

We have set up a new program with Rotary and it is working great. Rotary is comprised of 10 districts country wide. One club from each district oversees the workings of the 80 plus clubs in that district. That one club is under a national committee that works with us. We work directly with that committee for all training events and any problems. It is working well. This training is the first since we reorganized. This is a small training, but it averages out to be about 20 per training. The 7 here is one of the smallest groups.
The accommodations are working well. The only negative is enough room to practice skills.
This is Elder Jeffrey French from Indianapolis. He and his wife Marcia have been here about 3 months and are very close friends. She is the Area Mental Health Advisor and he has many hats depending on the need. He has volunteered to help us, so we are training him.
This is Tito. He works for the Internal Revenue Service as an auditor. He has a weekly radio show that teaches people of their rights concerning taxes. I am his guest speaker this week. I spent about 20 minutes on the air talking about LDS Charities and the things we are involved in. The station is government owned and monitored through the Philippine President's Office.
Great group that will yield great results. In looking at our orders, we have gotten several assessments from this group already.

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