Sunday, October 28, 2012


  The Carabao is a domesticated water buffalo. It preforms the heavy labor in field preparation and harvesting of the crops grown here - mostly rice. They can get upwards of 2000 pounds.

They have no sweat glands, so to cool off they head for the nearest water or preferred mud. The mud serves two purposes 1. cool them down and 2. its a deterrent for insects and cats.
This farmer uses it for his only mode of transportation. They even race them during celebrations.
But their real purpose is the work they perform in growing crops.
  They have been doing this work here for thousands of years. Early on, they supplied work, milk, meat and clothing. Philippine warriors used the hide to make armour out of.

They generally eat morning and evening. The edge of the rice fields or fields recently harvested are the areas you will generally find them stacked out.
Most are trained to put a cart to haul families, workers and crops for market.
But showing them off during a parade is also a plus.
 Kind of reminds me of my daughters playing dressup with their younger brother.

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