Tuesday, February 12, 2013


   This beautiful area was the destination for our Saturday Adventure. The Frenchs had been in this area before, so they became the navigators. I also got directions from Elder Bautista on how to find the Silang, Cavite Ward building. We were going to have a wheelchair training there the next week and I wanted to make sure of the location and also the time it would take to reach the building.

On a road that was supposed to be a shortcut, we found multiple farmlands growing all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Sister Hadlock is pointing out the bananas growing there. A banana tree only produces one bunch of bananas and then begins to die. A new tree springs up from the roots to make a new crop for the next year.

She had found a small pineapple in a field across the street. The owners showed up and told us that it takes 18 months for the pineapple to mature and be ready to eat.
Back near the banana tree was a Jack Fruit. It takes a long time to grow and does not have much fruit inside. I have yet to taste one. Better do that before I come home.
As we proceeded, one of us really needed to find a restroom. After a few kilometers OUT OF THE WAY, we found a gas station to fit the bill. OK, we could now go on. As we did we passed over a bridge and stopped to take pictures of the Jungle. While there we heard the chatter and laughter of children. Well we couldn't pass that up.
On the opposite side of the bridge we saw a trail that lead to the noise. Upon following it we saw a wonderful sight. A family of brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and of course Lola (Grandma) that suggested that they all go for a swim. Had we not gone out of our way to find a CR, we would not have found them.
We were having a lot of fun and taking pictures of all the excitement around us. They had prepared some food and offered us some. We declined because we had just eaten a short time ago, but they were so generous.
Sister Hadlock has radar for the cute children and loves to make friends.
As she was doing so, one of the uncles said, "She can't walk". He pointed out a 9 year old girl sitting on the edge of the water. Interesting comment to someone who can provide a wheelchair. We helped her up to the bench and took the time to do an assessment on her and determined that she would need a 14 inch standard wheelchair. It never seems to amaze me as we are lead to those that need help.
We took more pictures of the group and made arrangements to return the following week to deliver and fit this young lady with a much needed wheelchair. We got the address and more importantly a cell phone number to call to locate them. Addresses are very hard to find here. 
Just one more picture of this beautiful area that we got to visit. The nice part is that we were coming back next week.

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