Tuesday, February 12, 2013


  One of the real blessings for us is the opportunity to see and work with other Senior Missionary couples. Some couples don't get that opportunity. Sometimes they are spread great distances apart and have little contact.
Not so with us. Whether we are in Humanitarian Services, Public Affairs, Perpetual Education Fund or heading up Family History, we see each other on a very regular basis. This gives us the opportunity to share our experiences and find ways to help in the assignments that we each have.
For example, we have received requests from many of them for wheelchairs for members and non-members that they run across. We on the other have found stories that need to be shared through Public Affairs. My son James would call it being connected.
This lunch at a very nice Italian Restaurant helps us all to be more engaged in what we are doing. The Senior Missionary corps is truly amazing. Doing the Lord's work in an effective and wise way. Where else can you have those that have served in very responsible positions in the past serve the people of the world in a very meaningful way.

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