Monday, February 11, 2013


     Members drop off used clothing to our office on a regular basis. There are no Deseret Industries or Bishop's Storehouses here for such contributions. We then store it in an old chapel that houses a lot of items, including an overstock of wheelchairs.
  Typhoon Pablo in Mindanao has left tens of thousands of people in need of everything. Colonel Manzano contacted us to let us know the Marines are taking a large ship with relief goods and wanted to see if we had anything to send.

We responded that we had two classrooms full of used clothing and many bags of rice that could be sent. The Marines showed up with a large truck to gather the requested items. Most of the clothing was already to go, but we did bring empty rice bags for the rest to be loaded.
With many hands it did not take long for the large truck to be loaded.
A familiar sight is the M16. Both military and security have weapons everywhere in the country. You don't enter any mall or large shopping area without security check that includes metal detectors, bags checked and pat downs all done by armed personnel. A first is was concerning, but now it is just a way of life. We feel very safe in the Philippines.
Well the truck is loaded and collection of clothes is on its way for a second life for families in need. It is always a pleasure to work with Colonel Manzano and the Marines. They are well organized and hard working.

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