Friday, February 8, 2013


  On the lowest level of our office building is the parking garage. But it also happens to be the only area where we can all fit for any kind of get together.
  All the cars have been removed, the floors cleaned and mopped, tables and decorations set up and food prepared for an army. Once a year, all of the people that work in the Philippine Area Office celebrate the holidays and are recognized for the valuable work they perform. The atmosphere is fun and light hearted.
  It is wonderful to enjoy each others company and stuff ourselves on a feast of pork and chicken and all the side dishes. Salads, potatoes, veggies and great desserts.

The line looks long, but moves fast as everyone makes their first trip through. Seconds abound due to the abundance of prepared delicacies.
Sister Hadlock holds my place in line as I take many pictures of the event.
Everyone seems to migrate to a table of fellow workers. This is our IT Gang. Without them we will have more downtime than we want. Any problems with computer or phones are directed to them. But they love to help us because we are always bringing treats as a bribe.
Members of the Physical Facilities team are great to work with. Whether we need to find a location for training or discuss a place to store wheelchairs, they go out of their way to help.
We were serving food, so of course the Area Presidency shows up. From left to right, Todd Tapp (Area DTA from Salt Lake City) and wife, President Brent Nielson (Counselor from Twin Falls, Id) and wife, President Ian Ardern (Counselor from New Zealand) and wife and President Micheal Teh (Area President from Philippines) and wife. A more wonderful group you will never find.
The delightful group from finance and accounting get together and plot ways of getting more funds from the Senior Missionaries, I'm sure.
Entertainment and presentations for excellent work highlight the afternoon. I am always grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a great group. From top to bottom of our office, everyone is dedicated and talented.

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