Saturday, February 9, 2013


  Christmas Eve brings us all out for a celebration that mostly involves wonderfully prepared food. Hosted by President and Sister DeLaMare, the Senior Missionaries get a chance to visit and eat. These are two activities commonly enjoyed by all.

Elder Leo and Sister Pilar Fonbuena serve with the Area Presidency. He is the Executive Secretary. I have really grown to appreciate this couple. Both Filipino, they will return to California where they have their home. If you want an assignment completed, let them know. They are kindly persistent until the the job is completed.
Elder Rod and Sister Laura Jensen are from Canada and serve in the Marong area as Member and Leadership Support. If I had to write a book on how their assignment is to be done, it would be how they perform their duties. He is hands on involved with everything he does. He is truly blessing the lives of these wonderful people.
Elder Guy and Sister Linda Hatch have been serving as Directors of Family History. They have been to most of the Philippines in teaching the priesthood leadership on the implementation and direction of the new Family Tree program. They come from Park City, UT and are returning home the end of February.
Elder Roger and Sister Johanna Hardick are from Redwater, Alberta, Canada. They have been the Country Directors of Humanitarian Services and they returned home the end of January. We have been assigned to take their place. They have left large shoes to fill. I personally will miss Elder Hardick. I have learned a great deal from him.
Sister Cherie Fahrner was assigned to Employment Resource Services. She just returned home to St. George, UT. She is an inspiration to me. She felt she needed to do more than she was assigned. Upon prayerful consideration, she felt impressed to teach English to sisters in her ward. The ability to speak English opens up opportunities. She started to teach the sisters and before long the brethren wanted to learn. But she continued to focus on the sisters. She has been and will continue to be a beacon of light to those she has taught. She also focused on books for children and helped them see the opportunities they would have if they sought education.
The Senior Missionaries in our mission are a wonderful and committed group. I love the way they go about their duties with such love and kindness for all they serve. They make a big difference in how the work of the Lord goes forward.
President and Sister DeLaMare's son Ben is here also. He stays here and attends school at the International School. What a fine young man and so supportive of his parents.
President George and Sister Debra Taylor are just completing their 2 year tenure of presiding at the Philippine MTC. They have done an outstanding job and are returning home the end of January.
The Senior Missionary Zone of the Philippine Quezon City Mission is growing. More and more couples are coming to serve. We are the fortunate ones to be able to see the impact that they have.

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