Monday, August 20, 2012


     We got into the 3 vans we took to GMA for repacking and we headed home. I was in the lead but it was hard to see in the heavy rain. If  I could only get to C-5 Highway, we would be home free. Sister Founbreano, a Senior Filipino Missionary, was helping me find the way, I thought.
  Bam!!!!! We hit a hole in the road that was hidden by the rain. Wop, wop, wop. There went the tire on my van.
  Wow, everyone is exhausted and we need to change a tire in this pouring rain. This is not the time to pray for patience, I thought.

Just then we received heavenly messengers. Well they certainly were to us. Several strong young men appeared and asked if they could help.
Immediately after that, the Barangay Captain and several of his police officers showed up. He said, 'We thought we would travel the streets to see if anyone needed help'. Boy did we. Come to find out the lug nuts were rusted on and it was hard to get them off. Don't think I could have handled that.
Sister Hadlock was talking to the Barangay Captain and mentioned we were lost. I didn't think we were lost. Anyway, the Captain said he would give us a police escort back to our office. With lights flashing, we made it home. We are truly blessed.

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