Friday, August 24, 2012


   It seems it had been raining for weeks. The accumulation was well over 500 mm of rain (25 mm to one inch) in a heavy period of 5 days. With all of the countryside already saturated, the water had no where to go but up.
   Lowlands and river banks were the worst hit. This is the area where the poorest of the poor are located. If you read the attached article earlier in our blog about a man-made tragedy, you know that the squatters are a serious problem. The location of these people create drainage problems and puts them in harm's way every time there is a calamity.
  However, they are not the only ones affected. This calamity has affected more than 2 million people.
Many are left homeless and without food, water, clothing and a place to sleep.

This is the adjoining city to the barangay we are going to examine. The government is set up as provinces, municipalities, cities and barangay. The barangay is the smallest unit and is a portion of the city. The barangay we are visiting is San Miguel. They have been hard hit by the rising waters. It has been a week since the bulk of the rain hit and they will have standing water for some time to come. They are really susceptible to disease in this area.
 This is the high road that connects both sides of the barangay. Makeshift tents are created to stay in until which time they can return to their homes. They sleep on the road.
No matter where we go, children find us. I will not put pictures like this in our reports. They may not believe us when we say they need help. 
This young lady was sitting in the back of a small truck. I was drawn to her because of her beautiful smile. I asked her, 'Do you have food?' No. 'Do you have water?' No. 'Do you have a place to stay?' No. 'Why are you so happy?' She answered something profound, 'Because this is what God has for me. I am OK.' This people can teach us volumes.

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