Tuesday, August 14, 2012


    Mission President DeLaMare assigned us to the Tayuman Ward. This ward has had challenges with leadership in the past, but is currently presided over by a wonderful bishop. Bishop Marlon Urbano is a returned missionary and has had great experience in leadership. Another problem they face is the moving of the ward to a new building about 3 kilometers away from the rented building they had been using. Few people have transportation or the money to be taken to church. But the Bishop told us, "If they have Faith, they have Feet". He knows his congregation well and knows what will help them. His has a wonderful wife, two children and another on the way. He is an inspired leader and we are fortunate to be assigned here.

  As you can see, we have a beautiful ward building with landscape to match. It is about a 45 minute to 1 hour drive to get out there for 8am start of meetings on Sunday. However, it takes twice that long to get back to our apartment in Mandaluyong City. Once people are awake, they are on the road.

This is the Priesthood. We excuse the Aaronic Priesthood for their meeting and we stay together as High Priests and Elders for the lessons. I am impressed with the knowledge and understanding that they have of the Gospel and Priesthood functions.

Photo Deleted by Sister Hadlock because the picture of me was really bad. I will replace it when I get a new one. Elder Hadlock is in real trouble for posting that one!

This is the Relief Society as they are adjorning. They generally have more Sisters than we have Brethren for meetings.

This is my favorite. The Primary is just wonderful. I have made several friends with these little children. This past Sunday, we had a small devotional for the Primary about Missionary work. I told them the Lord wants them to be willing and worthy. They can do that now.

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